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20 Years of Experience
Medical Insurance Designated Hospital

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Say Goodbye to Glasses
Refractive Lens Exchange for Presbyopia

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Bring Your World Into Focus
Tailored solutions for your visual needs


Persistently pursuit for the old's bright horizon.
Dr zhangshisheng, Senior consultant

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It’s difficult to completely prevent eye disease, but by working together I want to make both of us happier by helping you to enjoy a healthier life during and after your rehabilitation.
Professor Wang Kangsun, Senior Consultant

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I try to bring light into my patient's world, be their healthcare guardian angel, and treat every patient like I would my best friend.
Professor Huxiangjin, Senior Consultant

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It’s common in China for people to feel like you’re treading on thin ice in the workplace, but when it comes to our own body and health we need to make sure we take full responsibility for our wellbeing.
Dr Eunice Wu, Senior Consultant

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When it comes to your health the most important thing is to deal with any issues right now, and for me my most important patients are the people in need of help right now.
Dr Charles Wu, Senior Consultant

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Before everything else, the first treatment a doctor should provide is care and attention.
Dr Xu Naijiang, Senior Consultant

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When you can see the world again on your own terms, because of what we achieved together - this is my proudest achievement.
Susan Wu, Consultant

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For every patient I strive to give more care and attention, have more time and patience, and be more responsible and accountable for each other.
Huang Xiaozhi, Consultant

Liu Huiying

Being responsible for our patients is the sacred duty of every doctor, using the best technology available to bring clarity to your world.
Liu Huiying, Senior Consultant

Our Support Team

Optegra eye hospitals are dedicated only to eye surgery, eye treatments and eye care. Our job is to provide a modern, calm and comfortable environment where you can feel relaxed and well cared for through your personalised treatment plan.

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Yi Wen
Thanks to one of my colleagues, I found out about laser vision correction. Wearing my contact lenses all the time was uncomfortable, so I took the plunge and now I don't need to wear glasses at all.
In November 2011 I took part in the promotion run by PC Lady and New Vision Eye Clinic to celebrate 15 years since the hospital’s opening. I felt so lucky when I won a free laser surgery and ever...

News & Events

Optegra Eye Health Care, which operates six specialist eye hospitals across the UK, has launched a brand new flagship hospital in London’s world famous Harley Street district. The state-of-the-art Optegra Eye Hospital London, on Queen Anne Street, occupies six floors of two adjacent houses. 


Our Latest Equipment

The WAVELIGHT Refractive Suite is the world’s fastest refractive platform integrated by EX500 Excimer Laser & FS200 Femtosecond Laser.Your eyes will be benefited from the equipment.

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